In December 2012, I was attending the overwhelmingly large American Geophysical Union annual conference in San Francisco for the first time. Due to fly home on Sunday, I had the Saturday (8th) to myself, the conference having finished. I had planned for this. I had decided to take 24 35 mm photographs - one reel of film - of my day - roughly 12 hours, spent mostly walking in the centre. I photographed subjects which seemed to me to be about this part of the city as I saw it that day. I used my old, third- or fourth-hand Pentax K1000, gifted by a friend, with just the standard 50 mm lens. As I write this, I haven't yet printed any of these photographs, but am inclined to make a book of prints at some point. Basic digital versions of the photographs can be seen under the portfolios tab. I was in San Francisco again the following year, but didn't have the chance of repeating the project. I may never visit San Francisco again. Notably, it was home, for a while at least, to my favourite photographer, Ansel Adams.